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Wood WORKS! is a national campaign created to promote the use of wood in commercial, industrial and institutional construction.

The Canadian Wood Council leads this program with funding support from the wood industry, the federal government, and provincial governments across Canada.

The Wood WORKS! initiative strives to cultivate a wood culture in Canada where wood is the first choice for a building material, and is valued for its sustainability.

Advancements in technology are driving innovation in the use of wood as a viable building material and many are already exploring new and exciting ways to incorporate wood in infrastructure.

In North America, the market for wood is valued at US $20 billion.Wood Works Vector - Black w Transparent



Canada is already a world leader in responsible forest management. Our wood products are harvested from responsibly managed forests and are a sustainable, renewable building material.

The creation of mass timber products has allowed us to change the scope of what we can do with wood. Mass timber products are made by bonding smaller wood components with the use of a fire-resistant glue. The way the wood is placed and glued together creates a material just as strong as concrete or steel, but is a substantially lighter building material.

There are many forms of mass timber products, including:


  • Cross-laminated timber (CLT)
  • Nailed-laminated timber (NLT)
  • Glued-laminated timber (GLT)
  • Laminated strand lumber (LSL)
  • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
  • Structural composite lumber (SCL)



Thanks to extensive research, we are able to expand the options for wood products as a building material. The B.C. building code has been adjusted to allow 12-storey wooden buildings, and a developer in Vancouver has recently proposed a new 35-40 storey wood tower.

The Mjøsa Tower in Norway is currently the world’s tallest wood tower, at 18 stories.

Why build with wood?

In the video below, our member company Western Archrib walks you through some of the environmental, efficiency, and aesthetic benefits of building bigger, with mass timber.


Get Inspired

Wood has always been used as a traditional building material – these wood buildings are far from traditional.

Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community & Commerce 




The Mosaic Centre in Edmonton uses glued-laminated beams and columns in its breathtaking design.







West Vancouver Aquatic Centre 






The mass timber used in the award-winning design of the aquatic centre in West Vancouver, can be easily maintained with surface treatments, which makes it the perfect building material for humid environments.













Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre 






Exposed wood serves both as a structural and decorative tool in this conference centre located in Fort McMurray.








Learn more about these wood buildings and other Western Archrib projects here.

Need more convincing? In this TEDtalk, Canadian architect Michael Green explains why we need to start using more wood in infrastructure.