Alberta Forrest
Posted By AFPA |

In light of recent events, the AFPA has taken the following measures to protect our staff and stakeholders from COVID-19:

  • AFPA staff are working remotely and all in-person meetings, including committee meetings, have been cancelled until further notice. We will look at teleconferencing solutions where possible, to allow committee work to continue.

  • Our lumber grading school has been cancelled. Graders whose certification is on the verge of expiry are eligible for extensions.

  • On the advice of the Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Bureau (CLSAB),  lumber grading inspections in the mills are expected to continue. AFPA inspection staff will work with mills to ensure that inspections are carried out in a safe manner.

  • Work Wild has suspended all outside activities. We are considering filming a presentation and making it available on-line, given that school boards are examining ways to continue delivering curriculum without opening school facilities.

  • All domestic air travel, and international travel of any form, have been indefinitely suspended for AFPA staff.