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WorkRight Alberta

Work Right Alberta is a joint Employment Standards and Occupational Health and Safety public awareness campaign intended to:

  • promote an instill a cultural attitude of willing compliance;
  • generate greater awareness of existing OHS and ES legislation and minimum standards;
  • encourage greater compliance with applicable legislation and ‘better-than-minimum’ practices, and
  • create greater awareness of Employment Standards and Occupational Health and Safety resources, tools
  • and services amongst employers and workers.

For more information visit WorkRight Alberta.

Employer Records Website

The employer records website has been updated and improved to make it easier for Albertans to find the safety information they need.  Users can search and sort 155 000 employers by their lost-time claims, disabling injury rates and locations.

For access visit Employer Records.

WorkSafe Alberta Awards

The Work Safe Alberta Awards recognize excellence in the field of occupational health and safety. Sponsored by the Government of Alberta and the OHS Council, the awards focus on those organizations and individuals that have exemplary practices and are leaders in their industry.

After a three-year hiatus, the awards have been refocused and enhanced based on feedback to align with the priorities of the OHS Council and Work Safe Alberta.

Awards are determined in three broad areas:  Innovation / Leader / Individual Achievement.

For additional information, click here.

To access the WorkSafe Alberta Awards Brochure click here.

OHS Regulation Amended in 2013 – Highlights

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation Amendment came into effect on October 1, 2013. This regualtion was made after a comprehensive review with extensive public consultation.

The amendment regulation changes the OHS Regulation in the following five major ways:

  1. New requirements on taking action on unsafe work conditions added
  2. Rules on delivering orders by electronic mens or courier added
  3. Rules on Board of Exmainers and Minimg Certification revised
  4. Rules on blater’s permits and minimg certificates harmonized
  5. Definitions and Standards updated

For additional information, click here.

OHS Act Amended in 2012 – Highlights

Bill 6, the Protection and Compliance Statutes Amendment Act, received Royal Assent on December 10, 2012. The amendment act changes the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act in six major ways. All changes are effective on that date except changes related to administrative penalties, which come into force upon proclamation.

Download the Occupational Health and Safety Bulletin for additional details.

Bill 6 – New Penalties for Health, Safety and Trade Violations

Alberta Human Services is introducing new administrative penalties and significantly increasing fines for penalties that already exist. Administrative penalties are an addition to the enforcement toolbox. Another addition – which will allow Occupational Health and Safety investigators to issue tickets for on-the-spot violations – is expected to come through regulation in 2013. For additional details, click here.

2011 Employer Records

The 2011 Employer Records are now available. View them here.

On Site Audit Review (OSAR):

OSAR is a research project designed to evaluate the work of certified auditors who conduct audits for employers seeking a Certificate of Recognition (COR). The OSAR process is an independent review of audit findings.
On-site reviewers will visit selected employer work sites and gather information which will then be compared to the findings in the original auditor’s report. The on-site review will focus on key aspects of the auditor’s process and is not intended to be a complete re-audit of the employer. Click on the link below to review the details on the OSAR Pilot Project findings.

PSAR Pilot Project