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North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP)

“For the past several years, Canadian and American regulators, carriers and researchers have worked on the development of a comprehensive approach for managing fatigue. The NAFMP endeavors to enhance a carrier’s ability to effectively deal with the challenges of fatigue in a highly competitive, widely dispersed and rapidly changing industry.”  NAFMP/PNAGF

NAFMP offers its training in a number of formats including powerpoint versions in english and french with/without audio narration, SCORM compliant packages available for download and an online version which can be accessed through the NAFMP website as follows:  click here:  North American Fatigue Management Program.

For easy access to the English powerpoint version click on the following modules. Each is designed to address different aspects of fatigue management.

Module 1:  FMP Introduction and Overview

Introduces the importance and benefits of implementing a Fatigue Management Program (FMP)

Module 2:  Safety Culture and Management Practices

Outlines safety culture components needed to implement and maintain a successful FMP

Module 3:  Driver Education

Reviews key lessons for drivers including 1. characteristics of fatigue and fatigue crashes, 2. factors affecting alertness, 3. health, wellness, drugs and medications, and 4. alertness and commercial motor vehicle driving

Module 4:  Family Education

Introduces the concept that home/family is the foundation for driver health, wellness and fitness

Module 5:  Train-the-Trainer

Instructs in-house trainers in leading classroom sessions focused on modules 2 and/or 3

Module 6:  Truck Driver Safety and Compliance:  The Role of the Shippers and Receivers

Focuses on trucking operations and aims to foster a team approach to commercial driver compliance, safety and health

Module 7:  Sleep Disorders Management for Motor Carriers

Identifes the nature of sleep disorders and corporate responsibilites in identifying, treating and managing sleep disorders

Module 8:  Driver Sleep Disorders Management

Introduces sleep disorders – emphasizing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and presents basic information concerning regulations and guidelines for screening, testing and treating sleep apnea in the transportation industry

Module 9: Driver Scheduling and Tools

Discusses ways in which driver scheduling can impact fatigue

Module 10: Fatigue Monitoring and Management Technologies

Reviews common, currently available tools for monitoring fatigue, issues with the technologies and considerations when implementing fatigue management technologies

Awareness Training

The AFPA offers a number of E-Learning Awareness Programs developed in cooperation with WorkSafe Alberta.

For Hazard Assessment for Driving eLearning awareness training, click here.

This eLearning program compliments the hazard assessment section of the Driving for Work: Developing Safe Practices for Employers and Workers document.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Training

AFPA now offers Commerical Vehicle Inspection training through our new Learner Management System, CompetencyMill. This course covers the National Safety Code Standard 13 (Trip Inspections) as well as the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Out of Service Criteria.

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