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If you happened to stop by the Work Wild website recently, you may have noticed some things look a little different. Rest assured, all the self-isolation you’ve been doing lately isn’t making you see things. Work Wild has a fresh new look!

On the surface the re-skin may seem like just a fun makeover, but it’s about much more than that. 

Let’s Talk Background:

Work Wild is a campaign that was started by the Alberta Forest Products Association in 2011. It was created to change the perception of forestry careers for both students and members of the public. When Work Wild was in development, polling was completed across the province. Results showed that students viewed forestry jobs as unsustainable, low tech, low paying; and many believed the industry was on its way out. During our nine years of operation we have worked hard to show these perceptions are simply not true. 

Why the Update?

Our website has been a vital medium to connect with teachers, students, and the general public. We often receive praise on the content of our website, however, the data showed that individuals often visit a single page and leave. In the current climate of school closures and limitations to in-classroom programming, it’s important to refresh and rearrange the website to keep users engaged with our content and encourage them to explore all we have to offer.

So What’s New?

While working with developers, we have kept feedback from members top of mind. Many of you have told us that job applications from the website were lower in recent years. To help address this problem, a highlight of current job postings is now front and centre on the homepage.

Another priority for the rebuild was to find new ways to keep users engaged and interacting with our content. With a few surprise animations sprinkled throughout and some interactive/moving pieces, we aim to encourage users to explore.

Users can hover over images to reveal more. Click here to see this feature in action.

The entire site is more intuitive for mobile use. Given that the majority of users access our website on their phones, this will increase overall enagement.

We are incredibly excited about Work Wild’s new look. Please let us know what you think. We would love to hear your thoughts!