Alberta Forrest

What’s At Stake

  • Global climate change is now recognized as an urgent of public and political concern.
  • The future of Alberta’s economy hinges on our ability to operate in a way that is sustainable and limits emissions of carbon and other pollutants.
  • Climate change offers a powerful stimulus for movement towards sustainable “low carbon economies.”

What We’re Doing

  • Alberta’s forest products industry has been working diligently to reduce its carbon footprint for many years.
  • Many operations create energy from wood waste. Others are pursuing bio-energy projects.
  • We are ensuring that the forest stays healthy and is able to act as a natural carbon sink.

The Facts

  • Since 2003, Alberta’s pulp industry has achieved an 18% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity.
  • AFPA members produce 350 megawatts of power for their own operations and public consumption.
  • A 25 year old pine tree absorbs 6.82 kg of CO2 annually.
  • Over the 80 year life cycle, 1 hectare of pine sequesters 1.86 tonnes of carbon.
  • A quarter section, which is 64.8 hectares, will sequester 120.5 tonnes of carbon.