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The Alberta Forest Products Association is committed to helping employers and workers reduce losses through workplace injury by providing quality information and resources to the forest products industry.

PDA is a process of establishing what a job is, in its entirety, and is used to determine compatibility between a worker and a specific job. WCB Alberta suggests that PDAs may help to minimize your company’s time-lost claims by helping to identify possible modified duties.

Each PDA is a systematic procedure to quantify and evaluate the physical and environmental demands of all essential and non-essential tasks of the job.

The videos that accompany the documented PDAs are intended to visually represent the physical stressors of the various tasks conducted for any given position.

The following PDAs were designed with every effort to include the most up-to-date, accurate information possible at the time of publication, but no guarantee or warranty is implied from their production or use. Neither the Alberta Forest Products Association, its employees, officers, agents, directors, or members will be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury caused due to the use, misuse, interpretation, or misinterpretation of the information contained within.

Pulp and Paper Physical demands Analysis

Back Tender

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Chemical Off-Loader

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Chip Pad Dozer Operator

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Control Room Operator (TMP) 

PDF Download     Control Room

Day Labourer

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)    Manual handling rollers     Mill stairs     Sawdust debris     Shovelling debris onto conveyors

Electrician 10 Hour / Electrician 12 Hour

PDF Download (Electrician 10 Hour)     PDF Download (Electrician 12 Hour)     Video (YouTube)     Electrician calorie suit

Fibre Line/Recaust Operator

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)     Auxillary drive coupler

Laboratory Technician

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)     Retrieving pulp samples (upper shelf)     Sample bags of pulp

Machine Operator (Paper)

Video (YouTube)     Control Room (paper)


PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Paper Machine Operator

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)


PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Pulp Machine Utility

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Recovery Field Operator

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)


PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Shipper / Receiver / Stores

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Tin Smith

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Utilities Operator

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)


PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Warehouse Operator

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Winder Operator

PDF Download     Video (YouTube)


PDF Download     Video (YouTube)

Solid Wood Physical Demands Analyses

Back Hoe Operator
Butt’N Top Loader Operator
CAT Operator
980 Chip Pad Loader operator
Heede Crane Operator
Inside Forklift Operator
Kranco Crane Operator
966 log loader operator
Prentice Loader Operator
Stores Technician
Tally Wrap Operator
Waste Truck Operator
Woodroom Booth Operator

Planer Mill
Continuous Lumber Tester (CLT)
Planer Flat Car Loader
Infeed Forklift Operator
Lumber Grader
Planer Feeder
Stacker Helper
Tilt Hoist Operator

Board Edge Operator
Canter Booth Operator
Conveyor Operator
Cut-Off Saw Operator
Inside Log Flow Coordinator
J-Bar Attendant
Outfeed Forklift Operator
Outside Log Flow Coordinator
Trimline Operator