Alberta Forrest

Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) is a key stakeholder in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program, designed to promote the establishment of effective health and safety management systems in Alberta worksites. Read more…

As a Certifyng Partner for the forest industry in Alberta, the AFPA acts as a resource for its members and contractors, providing health and safety training, certifying auditors, conducting quality assurance reviews and providing ongoing guidance and general resources for those pursuing a Certificate of Recognition (COR).

What is COR?

The occupational health and safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an exclusive safety accreditation program. Audited by 13 independent Certifying Partners and recognized by the WCB, COR is the only government-approved safety program in the province. The COR program trains companies to maintain safety practices that meet industry standards. It’s a comprehensive process involving employee training, internal audits, independent adjudication and certification.

Companies that are serious about success are serious about safety. They’re COR-certified, and they promotes a culture of workplace health and safety that reaps substantial financial benefits, increases morale and productivity, reduces injuries and saves lives.

For more information about COR, visit the Alberta Labour and Immigration website.

Click here for a complete list of employers from around the province with an active COR.