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The Alberta Forest Products Association is committed to
helping employers and workers reduce losses through workplace injury by providing quality information and resources to the forest products industry.

The intention of this section is to make available a list of useful health and safety publications, presentations, documents and reports. This section will be expanded on an on-going basis.

“Covenants of the Rose” A Belief System for Redefining Operational Safety Excellence
by Larry L. Hansen, CSP, ARM

12 organizational ‘truths of excellence’ – core beliefs forged over 30+ years of observation, research, practical experience, and interaction with progressive thinkers…on what works, and equally as important, what does not, in generating safety excellence results. To access the full document, click here.

Combustible Wood Dust Hazard Education and Training Modules

Training resources for workers, supervisors, and employers in Wood processing facilities – developed by FIPI (Fire Inspection and Prevention Intiative) and the Manufacturers’ Advisory Group.

Combustible Dust Hazard Recognition (1.5 hrs)

The objective is to assist workers, supervisors and managers in learning to recognize the fire, deflagration, and explosion hazards of combustible dust.

Workers and front line supervisors are the first line of defense in preventing and mitigating fires and explosions. If the people closest to the source of the hazard are trained to recognize and prevent hazards associated with combustible dust in the plant, they can be instrumental in:

  • recognizing unsafe conditions,
  • taking preventative action, and/or
  • alerting management.

If managers and company owners understand the hazards associated with combustible dust, they are more likely to respond to reports from workers and supervisors about related unsafe conditions.

Combustible Dust Hazard Mitigation (2 hrs)

The objective is to assist supervisors and managers in learning the combustible dust hazard mitigation strategies that are available to them to protect their workers and property from fire, deflagration, and explosion hazards of combustible dust.

Combustible Wood Dust Audit Report and Guidelines

This audit can be utilized by all manufacturing facilities that produce or utilize combustible dust during their manufacturing activities. The audit will review and evaluate several elements of an effective wood dust mitigation and control program and will focus on the hazards associated with both combustible dust and potential ignition sources.

The use of this audit with a qualified auditor and rigorous implementation of recommendations generated from the audit could aid employers in meeing regulatory conformance. It does not, however, imply that conformance is achieved.

Wood Dust Audit-Report-May 2015 v.2
Wood Dust Audit-Questionnaire-Guidelines May 2015 v.2

Workplace Health Resource Toolkit

The Workplace Health Resource Toolkit is intended to provide Alberta workplaces with guidance and support to develop and implement workplace health policies, programs and activities that are comprehensive and based on best practices. For access to the toolkit click the link below.

Workplace Health Resource Toolkit

Documentary – The Last Text

AT&T has produced and made available the documentary, “The Last Text” that reveals the extensive impact texting while driving can have on lives, communities, families, and friends.

The Last Text 

Bloody Lucky

A WorkSafe Alberta initiative designed to promote workplace safety. Click the link below to view.

Bloody Lucky

The Supervisor

A documentary-drama that examines issues related to supervisor responsibility for workplace health and safety. The video graphically depicts the emotional, legal, and financial consequences of a fictionalized workplace accident that leads to the death of a young worker. (15 min 22 s) – WorkSafe BC

 The Supervisor