Alberta Forrest

The Faces of Forestry: Cynthia Labrecque

Cynthia’s Story In the late nineties, I was a young woman entering the forest industry in BC—a workforce with very few women. It seemed, at that time, that women in forestry were starting to be recognized.  Forestry was still a man’s world. Typically, I would go out in field camps in the bush, and there … Continued

The Faces of Forestry: Rodjie

Rodjie’s Story When Rodjie Madrid was a university student in the Philippines, he learned that a forest products mill in Canada was accepting applications for labourer positions. Rodjie saw this as an opportunity to make a better life for himself and his family. So, on his father’s advice, Rodjie first completed his Bachelor’s degree, and … Continued

The Faces of Forestry: Guillermo

Guillermo’s Story In 2008, Guillermo Leoncio worked for Coca-Cola in the Philippines when he learned Spruceland Millworks was recruiting people to move to Canada to work at their specialty wood products mill. Guillermo jumped at the opportunity. “It gave me new life,” he says about his excitement at the prospect of moving to Canada.   … Continued