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Useful publications, documents and reports in transportation and transportation management.

The intention of this section is to make available a list of useful publications, documents and reports in transportation and transportation management. This section will be expanded on an on-going basis.

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Commercial Transportation

In an effort to promote safety amongst all road users in Alberta, Alberta Transportation monitors and enforces provincial safety standards and the principles of the National Safety Code (NSC).
To assist and ensure that commercial carriers operate safely and are compliant with the regulations that govern highway use, Alberta Transportation has prepared the following guide: Commerical Vehicle Safety Compliance in Alberta and Appendices.

Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulations and Vehicle Equipment Regulations were revised in 2009. The changes were intended to more closely align Provincial Regulations with current Canadian and North American standards.
Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation – AR 121/2009
Vehicle Equipment Regulation – AR 122/2009

All carriers must develop and implement Safety and Maintenance Programs that meet the minimum regulatory requirements, and achieve compliance. The following documents summarize the program requirements for both Provincially and Federally regulated carriers.
For: Provincially-Regulated Alberta-Based Commercial Trucks/Tractors/Trailers.
For: Federally-Regulated Alberta-Based Commercial Trucks/Tractors/Trailers.

Comparison of Provincial vs. Federal Safety and Maintenance Plan Requirements

Alberta Transportation has developed Sample Provincial and Federal Safety and Maintenance Policies to assist carriers in developing their own.
Provincial Commercial Truck Plans Sample
Federal Commercial Truck Plans Sample

Cargo Securement training program was developed by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) in 2005. The program was developed to assist the enforcement community as well as carriers and drivers in applying and understanding the NSC Standard 10 on Cargo Securement. The program consists of four components:
1.  Instructor’s Manual
2.  Instructor’s Slides (avialable through the CCMTA as a PPT presentation for each learning module – $50.00)
3.  Participant’s Guide, and
4.  Driver’s Handbook

The Cargo Securement Standard (NSC Standard 10) can be accessed as follows:
Standard 10: Cargo Securement (September 2010)

Assessment of Regulatory Compliance (ARC) Audit

The ARC Audit is used by Alberta Transportation Compliance Investigators as well as Alberta Transportation directed, Third Pary Auditors to measure a company’s compliance to their administrative requirements as identifed in Alberta and Federal Acts and their regulations. Any safety consultant, carrier or employer who wants to learn more about the ARC audit program is encouraged to read and use this information.

An overview of the audit program is available in the First Time Users Guide.

Upload ARC to your computer and open the file entitled Install Instructions for detailed install procedures.

Once you have ARC loaded onto your computer and are ready to conduct your first audit, you can log onto ARC by entering a User Name of “GUEST”, entering a Password of “guest”, then selecting “OK” at the bottom of the screen.

When you are logged in, check the Help button to open the ARC Reference Manual. This document describes, in detail, how to answer each audit question and enter the required information.

To download ARC, click here.

The ARC Audit Questions and Completion Instructions can be accessed as follows:

ARC Audit Questions and Completion Instructions

Log Haul

A generic industry Log Haul Hazard Assessment was performed under the sponsorship of Alberta Forest Products Association in November 1998, from which a “Checklist” was developed for the log haul industry in Alberta. This report outlines the 2nd hazard assessment revalidation which took place in October 2007. The purpose of the revalidation exercise was to maintain the validity of the Checklist and the work supporting the Checklist. The Log Haul Hazard Assessment Revalidation 2007 and Checklist can be accessed as follows:
Part 1 Log Haul Operations Hazard Assessment Report
Part 2 Log Haul Operations Hazard Assessment Report

To assist stakeholders in identifying the regulatory requirements associated with hauling logs in Alberta, a Log Haul Guide was developed by Alberta Transportation. The intent was to increase general understanding and promote compliance. The Log Haul Guide can be accessed as follows:
Log Haul in Alberta- July 15, 2010