The health and safety of our employees and the public is a top priority across Alberta’s forest industry. AFPA is a leader in promoting excellence in workplace safety in the forest industry.

Careers in the forest industry are rewarding, but, like all industries, we need to be vigilant about health and safety.

With people transporting loads, operating heavy machinery, spending time out in the wild, or completing a daily task, effective health and safety management systems are needed to keep people safe.

Alberta’s forest industry takes health and safety very seriously. It comes first in everything we do. Our number one priority is making sure people come home safely at the end of each day, incident free and that members of the public, affected by our work sites, are also protected.

AFPA’s Role

In terms of health and safety, our job at AFPA is to set our members up for success.

We seek opportunities to advance health and safety in our operations by promoting health and safety awareness, encouraging continuous improvement, and fostering health and safety values. The AFPA sets standards, and supports, develops, and connects members with guidance, resources, training and events.

At AFPA, we have always maintained a standard of excellence. We are proud of our role in helping make Alberta’s forest industry one of the safest sectors in the province to work.

Workplace Safety

Workplaces in the forest industry are highly diverse – a person might spend most of their time working in an office as an accountant, as a technician in a pulp mill, as a driver in a logging truck, or a biologist in the woods.

Active health and safety management is an essential first step in protecting this diversity and improving an organization’s health and safety culture.


Public Safety

Where industry operations come into contact with the public – on highways and resource roads, for example – the forest industry takes responsibility for maintaining public safety.

By adopting effective safety management practices, a high level of safety compliance is achieved.


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We work closely with the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board, Alberta Labour and Immigration, the Industry Task Force Association and other agencies on health and safety issues and are available to assist our members in meeting their performance goals.

As a Certifying Partner, the AFPA provides effective training and auditing resources – including quality assessments, and jointly (with the Government of Alberta) issues Certificates of Recognition (COR) to employers.


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Alberta Forest Products Association

AFPA is a non-profit association that represents Alberta’s forest industry. We support our members in reaching new heights of sustainability, safety, efficiency and innovation, and we give Albertans opportunities to learn about our forests and the forest industry.

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96% of Alberta’s managed forests (where forest companies operate) are independently certified for sustainability.

Learn more about the forest industry’s sustainable forest management practices.

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