Working in forestry means joining a community dedicated to securing the future of Alberta’s forests, and creating rewarding careers and valued products that enrich people’s lives.

It takes all kinds of expertise to do work as complex as the forest industry’s. Across all our different professions, credentials, locations, and backgrounds, we’re united by our pride in our work and a sense of responsibility to future generations.

Forestry is woven right into the social and economic fabric of our province. It’s one of Alberta’s oldest industries – and one of its most innovative. The core principle of managing our forests responsibly hasn’t changed in more than 100 years, but new discoveries, technologies, and insights are constantly improving how we do it.


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Alberta’s Forestry Industry

Employs more than



Supports more than

70 communities

across the province

Contributes over

$8 billion

to the provincial economy

Career Paths

The forest industry’s greatest strength lies in our people – their diversity, their breadth of expertise, and their dedication to doing things right.

People who work in the forest industry work in:

  • Forest Planning
  • Biologists
  • Chemists
  • Engineering
  • Trades
  • Operations
  • Indigenous Relations
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Materials Management
  • Communications
  • Administration
Discovery and Innovation

From studying complex ecosystems to developing new processes and technologies, people in the forest industry drive knowledge and innovation forward.

Despite the timeless feel of forest products like wood and paper, the way we create those products has come a long way.

Research, science, and technology are key to the operation of modern forestry companies. Planners use sophisticated digital models to help them synthesize environmental data and map when and where harvesting will take place to cause the least disturbance. AI and machine learning are integrated into mill operations. We now use by-products from lumber and paper production to create green energy, or make plastics that are wood-based instead of fossil fuel-based. These things are all possible because this industry never stands still – curious, inventive, and ambitious people are always finding ways to make our operations more efficient and more sustainable.

Community and Collaboration

Our industry is deeply tied to the communities we work in. The work we do has implications for everyone, and we want everyone to have a say.

The forest industry is one of the largest employers in over 70 Alberta communities. Many of those villages, towns, and cities actually formed around forest industry operations, meaning that our work is woven into the history and social fabric there. In all communities, we connect with the people who live where we work through public consultation and by building lasting relationships.

We have a regulatory responsibility to engage with the public, but we also just want to be good neighbours and contribute actively to the communities we live in. Many forest companies have people working as community liaisons, making engagement their full-time job. Learning from the people who live in and near the forests where we operate helps us mitigate impacts in areas used for hunting, recreation, medicine-gathering and other important activities.

Indigenous communities are some of the most important groups we work with, through both formal consultation processes and ongoing dialogue. We work to make sure that the forest sector and these communities have a positive working relationship that benefits both sides. We also engage and consult extensively with members of the general public who use the forests we work in.


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96% of Alberta’s managed forests (where forest companies operate) are independently certified for sustainability.

Learn more about the forest industry’s sustainable forest management practices.

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