Health & Safety Resources

Together we can maintain a culture of safety.

We know that health and safety is important to our members, and we’re here to support continuous improvement in the forest industry’s safety performance. We work with forestry companies and health and safety agencies to set and achieve rigorous health and safety standards.


We are a Certifying Partner under the Government of Alberta’s Certificate of Recognition program (COR). A COR shows that an employer has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards for occupational health and safety.

We provide effective training, as well as auditing resources such as quality assessments, and issue Certificates of Recognition for employers in the forest industry. We also work with agencies such as the Workers’ Compensation Board, Alberta Labour and Immigration and the Industry Task Force Association on health and safety issues.

Health & Safety Resources

Physical Demands Analyses (PDA)

A PDA systematically quantifies and evaluates the physical and environmental demands of all tasks for a specific job, in its entirety. These analyses can help you determine whether a job is safe and appropriate for a particular worker.

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PIR Program

The Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) Program promotes the establishment of effective health and safety management systems in Alberta. As a Certifying Partner for Certificates of Recognition, AFPA is a key stakeholder in this program and helps companies become COR-certified.

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Poster Resources

We offer free printable posters to keep health and safety top of mind in forest industry workplaces. Physical copies of the posters can also be ordered through AFPA, if preferred.

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Publications & Reports

We provide quality information and resources to the forest products industry through a list of helpful health and safety publications, presentations, documents and reports.

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We offer in-person and online training to help the forest products industry enhance their health and safety performance. Find current and upcoming learning opportunities here.

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What’s New?

Access news releases, program and service updates, upcoming events and other important updates on health and safety matters here.

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Workplace Health

Workplace health promotion programs can make a big difference in employees’ long-term health. We offer a free downloadable toolkit to help employers develop and implement effective workplace health policies, programs and activities.

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Find annual conferences and professional development opportunities about developments in health and safety, in Alberta and elsewhere.

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We like to recognize good work. Every year at our AGM, AFPA and Alberta Labour jointly present the annual Health and Safety Awards for our industry.

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We support safe transportation in the forest industry.


Transportation resources

Lumber Grading

AFPA offers lumber grading courses in the spring and fall, access to an online quality management system and more.


Lumber Grading resources