The voice of sustainable
forestry in Alberta

Forests cover more than 60% of Alberta. For as long as people have lived on this land, we’ve relied on our forests and tended them in return.

Responsible forest management has kept Alberta’s forests strong for over 100 years. As global leaders in sustainability and environmentally responsible manufacturing, Alberta’s forestry companies secure our forests’ full environmental, sociocultural, and economic benefits for generations to come.

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Alberta’s Forestry Industry



as many trees as we harvest

planted more than

100 million

trees last year

makes a

200-year plan

for the future of our forests

creates more than

30,000 jobs

for Albertans

supports more than

70 communities

across the province

Forestry Talks

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Explore The Forest

Let Nathan Fillion be your guide to Alberta’s incredible forests.


Lumber Grading

If you’re going to build something, you want to make sure your materials fit the job.

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Forest Management

Keeping our forests healthy and thriving is the point of good forest management.

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The Boreal Forest

Boreal forest, or taiga, is the largest land-based biome on Earth. This type of forest covers more than 60% of Alberta’s land.

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Mountain Pine Beetle

It’s easy to spot trees that have been attacked by the mountain pine beetle, because their needles turn red first, then grey.

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Health & Safety

Safety for employees and the general public is the top priority for forest industry operations in Alberta.

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Environmental benefits, like cleaning the air and anchoring our water supply, are some of the most important things our forests offer.

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Alberta Forest Products Association

AFPA is a non-profit association that represents Alberta’s forest industry. We support our members in reaching new heights of sustainability, safety, efficiency and innovation, and we provide resources so Albertans can learn more about our forests and the forest industry.

We take this responsibility seriously because the forest industry’s work affects everyone. Thanks to the practices used in Alberta, our forests are net carbon sinks instead of net carbon emitters, we have more mature forest than we’d have without human intervention, and we sustainably produce some of the best quality forest products in the world. That includes everything from lumber to paper to innovative products like carbon-neutral biofuels, in an industry where no part of a harvested tree goes to waste.

The products we make in Alberta are important, but how we make them matters just as much. Every part of the industry’s activities, from harvesting to manufacturing to transporting materials, has to be done responsibly. Harvesting is carefully planned, with tight limits on how many trees are harvested and where, to minimize impact on forest ecosystems. Harvesting is always offset by replanting – and we’re not planting monocultures or tree farms, but growing new forests with a natural, resilient range of biodiversity. Alberta forestry companies are leading contributors to ecological and wildlife research that helps us improve our practices, and we take care on the manufacturing side to keep our facilities and operations safe and environmentally conscious.

Our industry works to ensure that Albertans benefit from our forests by providing essential renewable products and well-paying jobs while ensuring our forests stay healthy and continue growing. Forests are essential to Alberta, and AFPA brings Alberta’s forest companies together to steward them with care and respect.

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