Alberta Forrest

What is Forest Tenure?

The Province is the owner of all timber located on Provincial Crown Lands in Alberta and allocates the right to harvest timber under various forms of forest tenure. We have a world-class tenure system that has facilitated the development of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a balanced approach to land stewardship. Forest companies harvest less than 1% of the forest annually, carry out prompt reforestation, and return the land to its natural state.


Who is Impacted by Secure Tenure?

  • 70 communities in the province are dependent on the forest industry.
  • The forest industry sustains 40,000 jobs and contributes $7 billion annually as a pillar of Alberta’s economy.
  • Secure tenure facilitates development and investment in infrastructure for communities (roads, bridges, community recreation).
  • Forest companies generate over $750 million in provincial and municipal taxes annually.


Why is Secure Tenure Important?

  • Encourages environmental stewardship practices that protect wildlife, and sustain air, water, and soil quality.
  • Promotes sustainable forest management and reduces provincial costs to manage forest fire and pest outbreaks.
  • Encourages the forest industry to invest in people and facilities.
  • Helps to develop new products and markets world wide.


What are the Risks if Tenure is Lost?

Withdrawing land or harvesting rights from tenure means lost jobs and revenue for communities, less investment in infrastructure and mill facilities, increased risk of catastrophic forest fire and pest outbreaks, and reduced economic diversity for Alberta.

What Can You Do?

  • Advocate for a system of land management that allows for multiple uses of Alberta’s forests (recreation, industrial use, wildlife conservation) instead of a system that sets aside land for one purpose only.
  • Promote partnerships between industry and other landbase users.
  • Be an advocate for the forest industry in your community.

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