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Aboriginal and forestry organizations partner to address missing Aboriginal people

Posted by AFPA | June 20, 2023
Aboriginal Alert Partnership Announcement Instagram Post

EDMONTON – Aboriginal Alert is pleased to announce a new partnership with the
Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA), marking a significant step forward in its
mission to help Aboriginal families find their missing loved ones.

Aboriginal Alert is seeking to expand its services across the country. This new partnership willhelp it do that by making connections with other organizations who can offer support to move
Aboriginal Alert’s goals forward. Aboriginal Alert’s goal is to have a dedicated staff member in
each province, who will update and send out alerts on missing Aboriginal people daily.
The AFPA, a prominent representative of sustainable forestry in Alberta, has shown an increasing
commitment towards the needs of Aboriginal communities by using their channels and reach to
educate and their membership base.

“Partnering with AFPA is an important moment for our organization. The AFPA has made strides
towards addressing Aboriginal issues, and we appreciate their willingness to further their
commitment through this partnership. Their ability to connect us with their expansive network of
members will allow us to mobilize more resources towards our cause. This is about more than
symbolic gestures – it’s about real, meaningful change for Aboriginal communities.”

“AFPA’s support will allow us to extend our reach, connect with more people, and drive forward
our mission. At the end of the day, we need to find creative ways to partner with organizations
like AFPA, who have the relationships and resources to help fulfill our goals and vision.”
Dan Martel, Aboriginal Alert CEO

The AFPA, known for its advocacy for sustainable forestry practices, recognizes the urgent need
to act.

“We understand the gravity of the crisis of missing Aboriginal peoples. This partnership is a
meaningful way for us to lend our support to an Aboriginal-led initiative that is tackling this issue
head-on,” Our hope is that by leveraging our influence and access to networks, we can help
Aboriginal Alert acquire the resources needed to scale up their services.”
Jason Krips, Alberta Forest Products Association CEO

For more information about this partnership, please visit

Additional Information

  • Aboriginal Alert is an Aboriginal-led non-profit organization dedicated to helping
    Aboriginal families find missing loves one and to uplifting Aboriginal communities in
    Canada. Our mission is to foster understanding, raise awareness, and advocate for
    the needs of Aboriginal communities through strategic partnerships and initiatives.
  • The Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) is a non-profit representative of the
    forestry sector in Alberta. They strive for sustainability, safety, efficiency, and
    innovation, and provide resources to promote understanding of forests and the
    forestry industry. The AFPA is committed to standing with Aboriginal communities
    and playing an active role in the journey towards reconciliation and sustainable
    forestry practices.


Media Contacts:
Dan Martel
CEO, Aboriginal Alert

Aspen Dudzic
Director of Communications, AFPA

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