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AFPA Launches Love Alberta Forests Campaign

Today, the Alberta Forest Products Association announced the launch of its Love Alberta Forests campaign. The campaign details the love, thoughtfulness, and commitment that goes into forestry practices.

Millar Western’s 100th Anniversary

Congratulations to Millar Western for 100 years of innovation, leadership, and progressive forest management. A century in operation is quite the milestone, and we are honoured to have taken part of this special day. It was an action-packed day for Millar Western’s employees, family, friends, and special guests. The company hosted a tour of their … Continued

10 Tips for Safe Hiking in Bear Country

Do you work, live, or play in bear country? It’s true that most bears will do their best to avoid humans, but when it comes to wild animals it’s better to play it safe. Follow these steps to reduce your chances of an unwanted encounter.

AFPA Joins Instagram

The AFPA is pleased to announce that we are on Instagram! With 1 billion users, Instagram is the 6th busiest social media platform in the world. In fact, it has 3 times as many users as Twitter. The platform will allow us to showcase images from our industry, while at the same time creating detailed, … Continued

AFPA Presents Keys to a Habitat for Humanity Home

Today, CEO of the Alberta Forest Products Association, Paul Whittaker, presented an Edmonton family with keys to a Habitat for Humanity home. The AFPA is a proud sponsor of Habitat for Humanity, and honoured to be able to present Blen, Osman, and their children Farriss and Imran (not pictured) with the keys to their new … Continued

Stakeholder Engagement Community Report

If you are involved in stakeholder engagement and consultation activities as part of your job, you are aware that this area of practice is growing. Organizations are facing increased pressure to illustrate adequate consultation, both from the public and government agencies. Failure to consult carries significant risks. In addition, there is continued pressure on practitioners … Continued

Millar Western Donates Edmonton Christmas Tree

Ever wonder where the large Christmas tree that decorates Churchill Square in Edmonton comes from? It’s actually donated every year by AFPA member Millar Western. Watch the video below to see crews sustainably harvesting the tree in a forest near Whitecourt. In the the summer, crews will plant new trees in place of this and other … Continued

Mountain Pine Beetle Letter

The mountain pine beetle threatens to devastate Canada’s boreal forest from coast to coast. Not only are forestry jobs at risk, but there could also be considerable damage to our watersheds if our forests are decimated by this pest. Alberta needs help from the Government of Canada to help stop the beetle. The Canadian Chamber … Continued

#ForestryFamilies Video 5 – The Milburns

In our final #ForestryFamilies piece, we profile the Milburn family from Whitecourt. Stephanie Milburn was Canada’s first female saw filer and now works ensuring the safety of employees at Millar Western. Her daughter, Brittany, is following in Stephanie’s footsteps by working as an electrician in the same sawmill. This mother daughter team talks about what … Continued